Kevin Murphy Body Builder


Work that body and boost your hair with flexible fullness and hold. Essential oil of tangerine locks down the cuticle to create shine, whilst Vitamin B5 binds moisture onto the hair.

BODY.BUILDER is a product that you can layer onto the hair to create smooth big shapes. Don’t be afraid to use quite a lot of BODY.BUILDER as it is weightless and moisturising so you can go for it without any fear of a crunch. The benefit of mousse is that it makes the tiny spaces between the hairs greater so essentially it makes the hair thicker and fuller. BODY.BUILDER can be used to define waves on just about any hair length, type or texture.


Key benefits
Gives weightless volume
Provides shine and a silky hold
Ideal for all hair types
Paraben, sulphate and cruelty free
Gluten free
How to use Kevin Murphy BODY.BUILDER
Shake bottle before use
Apply to damp hair and comb through
For best results follow by blow drying the hair in sections
Key ingredients
Tangerine peel oil, vitamin B5, and antioxidants.