LH Skin Clinic – Trusted & Qualified Aesthetician Based In Staffordshire

Gone are the days of sneaking around getting filler and botox, these beauty procedures have become somewhat of a social norm now. As you may know, any aesthetic procedure should be carried out by a trusted & qualified aesthetician. With that in mind, we've teamed up with our talented aesthetician Laura to give you a little more insight to her and the clinic she hosts at 87 Beauty Garden. Our interview with Laura is to help showcase her talents and provide reassurance and tips around progressing with any aesthetic procedure.

A little bit about our trusted & qualified aesthetician Laura from LH Skin Clinic...

Hello! Im Laura and I’m an Aesthetic Practitioner working part time at 87 Beauty Garden. I have been a Paramedic working in emergency medicine for 4 years and I am about to start my new role as a Senior Clinical Research Practitioner. I have always had a strong interest in research as it is the single most important way in which we develop our healthcare and it can be applied in my role as an aesthetic practitioner - research helps develop best practice. I have a lot of experience dealing with emergencies and my number one priority is client safety. I also have a greater understanding when it comes to anatomy, as it is important to know the underlying facial structure to minimise risk of complications.

What sparked your interest to get into aesthetics?

I have always had a strong interest in aesthetics and needle work. I want to make people feel good about themselves by giving natural but noticeable results. Sometimes less is more and by giving subtle “tweakments” it can enhance natural beauty. I love meeting new clients and building up good working relationships and I want to make the experience as enjoyable and pain free as possible. I understand there is a lot of anxiety and apprehension when coming to your appointment but my priority is making you feel comfortable and answering any questions you may have.

What’s your favourite aesthetics procedure?

My favourite treatment is skin boosters. It is becoming a very popular treatment to give people hydrated glowy skin all year round. I also love lip enhancements as the results are immediate and it can make such a difference by enhancing their natural shape.

Any advice for people who are looking to have an aesthetics procedure for the first time...

My advice for anyone looking into treatments would be if you’re unsure book a Consultation! I offer free consultations to help answer any queries you may have about any of the treatments I offer. Do your research into your practitioner, make sure they are trained in complications and up to date with all training.

Aftercare advice...

Aftercare is important to get the best results. If you are investing in a treatment it’s important you follow the aftercare to help achieve the best results and minimise complications. Aftercare advice is different for each procedure however avoiding alcohol, sunbeds, saunas, sun, stream rooms, extreme temperatures and the gym is typically involved with each injectable treatment.

Final words from our trusted & qualified aesthetician Laura...

Not everyone is suitable for treatments, so I always advise booking a consultation if it is your first time. As mentioned before your safety is my priority and before each treatment, I will ask you to fill out a medical form which I will review to see if it is safe to go ahead but if you are unsure then I am always around to help answer any questions! Find more examples of Laura's work on her LH Skin Clinic Instagram.  
We hope that this insight helps you on your aesthetic journey and if you require any further assistance of guidance simply pop into our salon where our team would be delighted to help you further.